What we have achieved in 2020-2021 epidemic year till now.

In November we will be completing 4 th Years of our success  in e-Commerce market. We are now shipping almost all parts of India after getting tied up with Ecom Express , Delhivery , Bluedart & Gati .


Monthly Visitors    - 1 crores/ month

Registered Users  - 1 Lac +

New Registration  -  50/days

Orders Received   -  45/day

Execution Orders  - 30/day

Orders Delivered  - 20/day

Product Complaint - 8/Month

Order Executed     - 1 lac + (till now)

We have made lot of changes on our website for  benefit of the customer in our mind. Now we have separate COD charges for every item so customer who are placing the Prepaid Order does not have to pay COD charge as they were paying earlier.

We have Disabled COD for many items which are in shortage , So who really wants that material they can get every time  even when it is in huge shortage at a good price.

We have Enabled COD even for Large items against small advance of a Freight Value.

We have Removed the Minimum Cart Value charges from the cart.

We have increased our Server capacity so now our customer can surf on our website with a speed. 

We have added OTP facility for the safety of the Customers & Message facility on Mobile. 

Better Search Engine . We have added a search engine which can show fast results from buffers . Also  against spelling Errors while search.

What is Coming Up for the Customer ?

Loyalty Points - Customer will be getting points against every purchase and customer can redeem that points against their later purchases.

At last we would like to Thanks all those Customers who had shown faith on our Website and supported us in Growing because without their support it was impossible for us to Grow . Also we like to thanks  all those customers who had shared their past  experience of shopping on our Website with other by giving the Reviews on our Website.