We have just launched a new sub category with the name of Mobile Accessories on our store . In this category we will try to add all products which can be used for Mobile like Charger, Ear Budds , Earphone , Cables etc.

Why we have added these ?

As we all know that in today's world Mobile has become a part of our life. Without mobile we can't imagine our life , As most of the work which we do on Laptop & Desktop can be performed on Mobile also and it is a one of the device which most of the families have in their home. So we are trying to get available every thing what our shoppers may required with computer devices on our store.

Benefit to us by Adding these ?

By adding mobile accessories on our store our reach will go beyond computers to mobile and definitely our users will be increased. It will also give boost to our sales.

Benefit to customers by Adding these ?

By adding mobile accessories on our store customer can buy small accessories with computer parts and can save money in the form of freight . We are adding option for the same so customers does not have to pay double freight for all these. We are also coming up a new scheme for our Loyal Customers in the form of cash benefit after achieving a fixed target and more items available on website will make it easy for all them to achieve the target.