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img Intel Core i5-4670 (4 th Generation ) 1150 Socket 4 Cores Desktop Processor


Review Title: i5-4670: old cpu in useful role

Review Add on: 2023-03-16

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I was using Pentium Gold G3258 in my desktop from 2015. Recently, came across this site and found the CPU in good price. After ordering, it came in a square box. The box was made of thermocol, and it provided reasonable protection from outside shocks during transit. Inside it, the CPU was very tightly packed in a small thermal foam with rubber band. The CPU should be in a plastic clamshell box, which was missing in this case. The foam could stick to the CPU, and, and if that goes inside the socket in the motherboard, it could damage it. After I replaced the old Pentium CPU with the i5-4670, the system did not boot. Then, I had to take out the CPU, and look at the socket. Found one pin of the LGA1150 socket is bent. Checked a few videos on the web on repairing socket pins. I had to use a light with flexible neck to lighten the inside of the motherboard, and see the pins with the help of a magnifying glass. Then, using a pin, had to carefully bent the affected pin under the magnifying glass back near its expected position in two attempts. After that, reinserted the CPU on the socket. Reapplied thermal paste on it, attached the earlier stock intel cooler and fan. After this, the machine boots normally. I did run multiple stress test on the CPU, and it runs fine. So, the problem was not with the CPU, but a socket pin was bent either during removal and inserting the i5 CPU (unlikely, as I did as instructed in intel video), or was caused by a small (<1 mm) object which was stuck on the CPU leg (more likely). Therefore, one suggestion to '', please ensure that the CPU is put inside a small plastic shell, before it is wrapped in a foam or put inside a box. The other point to be checked by 'scigwl': I see that you are charging GST on the product. However, as these products are refurbished (old), on which tax has been paid earlier, there should be no need to pay tax again on resale. Then, we can save some more money.


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